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Hostelling and a natural respect for the natural environment go hand in hand, and HI-Canada is a leader of environmental responsibility in the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry. Our environmental statement includes but is not limited to the following points:

Preserving Canada's Natural Heritage: we will reduce, and make continual progress towards eliminating, the release of any substance that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, the earth or people.

Eco-efficiency in Facilities, Products and Services: we will strive to change our consumption patterns by choosing cost-effective products and suppliers which eliminate, minimize or mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: we will make sustainable use of renewable natural resources, such as water, soils and forests. We will conserve non-renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning.

Reduction and Disposal of Wastes: we will reduce, and where possible eliminate, waste through source reduction, re-use and recycling. All waste will be handled and disposed of through safe and responsible methods.

Risk Reduction: we will strive to minimize the environmental, health and safety hazards to our staff and volunteers, and to the communities we serve, or in which we operate, through safe technologies, facilities and operating procedures, and by being prepared for emergencies.

Information and Education: we will build awareness and share information to enable effective implementation of our environmental policies and practices. We will encourage our hostel guests to support the Canadian Code of Ethics for Tourists. We will keep hostellers, members, the Canadian public, and the international community, informed in a timely manner, of HI-C's role in environmental stewardship.

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