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2015 Partner of the Year


The VIA Rail logo says it all. Experience Canada and its different cultures from coast to coast. This fits HI-Canada's mission so well. Via Rail has been a national partner of HI-Canada?' for many years offering a discount to not only HI-Canada members but to our International members as well.

Via Rail Canada provides rapid service between the large urban centres in the Québec/Ontario corridor and cross Canada service from Halifax to Vancouver. Travelling on the train provides time for people to relax, experience parts of our country one would not normally not go to and the chance to meet so many different people, especially on the long haul routes. 

HI-Canada is proud to be associated with Via Rail Canada.

In Western Canada, VIA provides year-round, all-weather services, including the legendary Canadian train operating between Toronto and Vancouver two times per week during off-peak season (November 1st until April 30th) and three times per week during peak season (May 1st until October 31st). VIA also operates regional services in the West, between Jasper, Alberta and Prince Rupert, British Columbia; between Winnipeg and Churchill, Manitoba. 

In the Ontario - Québec Corridor, VIA provides intercity passengers with fast, convenient and affordable service, downtown-to-downtown* between Canada's largest business centres. More than 429 Corridor trains run per week, carrying 80 percent of VIA's total ridership. 

VIA also operates trains to remote communities in northern Québec and Ontario, on routes designated by the Government to meet regional transportation needs. In Eastern Canada VIA provides train service three times per week between Montréal and Gaspé, and between Montréal and Halifax on board the Ocean.

This year's finalists were Via Rail and Flight Centre. To find out more about the Partner of the Year Award and Contest Rules, click here.


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