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Nothing beats heading out on an epic travel adventure with just a few of your belongings in a backpack and a bucket list of places to see and things to do. The whole point of travel is getting out and experiencing the world, so the last thing you want is to spend your money on pricey accommodation.

That's where hostels come in handy: They're everywhere; they fit your budget; and they're full of people like you who have their priorities straight when it comes to exploring this fine planet of ours.

Hostelling International has 4,000 hostels in 90 countries with many sleeping options ranging from dorm rooms to private rooms with ensuites, plus kitchen facilities and plenty of common areas for meeting people. They're staffed by people who know and love the area and really want to share it with you. They'll dish up tons of helpful travel advice from the front desk, or even take you on trips and activities nearby. That's what hostelling is all about.

A HI-Membership gets you a minimum 10% discount at every HI hostel, plus savings on all kinds of extra things like bus trips, food, gear and activities worldwide.

What membership is right for you?

You can either order online or pick a HI membership up in person. You can buy in person at all HI Hostels, Merit Travel, MEC, and select Greyhounds. We have an easy tool for you to find your nearest location.  


  Expires March 31st, 2019

    Good for life!

  Expires 1 year from
  order date

  Expires on your
 18th birthday

* Prices listed do not include applicable taxes or the $3.50 shipping fee for online orders. These memberships are for Canadians only - see below if you are visiting Canada.

Visiting Canada and forgot to pick up a membership from home?

Don't panic - all our hostels sell $25 membership cards. They're valid worldwide for a year and gets you all the HI travel perks you want.

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