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Web Advertising Policy

As a not-for-profit, membership organization, Hostelling International Canada (HI-Canada) is committed to providing advertising for organizations whose values, practices and services add value to our member's experience and further our organizational mission: "To help all, especially the young gain a greater understanding of people, places and culture through hostelling."

We care about our visitors and have implemented the following guidelines and principles to protect them while they search our site to help plan their next trip.

The HI-Canada's Web site will not be used for commercial or non-mission-related purposes. Web site advertising, promotions and sponsorships will not be permitted to interfere with the mission, vision or values of HI-Canada.

  • HI-Canada does not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective and/or dangerous products.   HI-Canada also does not accept advertising for tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, political candidates, or advertising simulating editorial content. 
  • Advertisements, promotions or links that are found to be unethical and cause conflict of interest with our organizational values will automatically be removed without question. 
  • Advertisers cannot use any capturing of data or cookies while on the HI-Canada web site. 
  • When visitors leave our site either by choice, or by clicking on a third-party link or advertisement they are no longer protected by HI-Canada's Web Advertising policies or guidelines. 
  • While we accept advertising, we don't endorse any products or services. 
  • All advertisements and sponsorship acknowledgments are separated from our consumer hostelling information and clearly labelled as such. Advertisers are not able to influence editorial decisions or web site content.
  • For more details on HI-Canada's Web Advertising Policy, click HERE.
  • If interested in advertising with us, click HERE

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