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Studying in Canada

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Canada is a great place to learn! Thousands of visitors from around the globe flock to Canada every year to learn English or French, the country's two official languages. Hostelling International thrives on this kind of multiculturalism and cultural understanding, so maybe it's no surprise that you'll often meet language students at HI hostels.

There are loads of language schools across the country that offer ESL programs that combine language instruction with logistical support and extracurricular activities. There's a lot more to studying in Canada than just hitting the books - it's about experiencing the country, too!

Get settled with HI!

HI works closely with many of these schools, with hostels located in all the major gateway cities of Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.  Our hostels are a great place to stay when you first arrive and offer the largest network of hostels in Canada to discover your temporary new home. From urban hostels in Canada's biggest cities to remote wilderness hostels in the mountains, HI hostels are a great place to try out your new language skills with guests from around the world.

We're also your go-to resource for information about exploring more of Canada while you're here?and on a budget. While you don't have to be a member to stay at HI hostels, it sure saves you money. Members get discounted rates at hostels plus tons of travel-related discounts across Canada and around the world. An HI membership can either be purchased from your own country or at any HI hostels in Canada.
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