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HI-Banff Alpine Centre
PO Box 1358
801 Hidden Ridge Way
Banff, Alberta T1L1B3

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All About Accommodation

So, you and your friends are planning to rent a place together?  Be prepared to be disappointed!  Have a plan B, as it's tough to get an apartment in town.  There are definite advantages to having a place of your own that isn't tied to your employment, but it's hard to line up.  During your search, make sure you:

  1. Visit every local public notice board (malls, laundromats, grocery stores, etc) twice daily  and as soon as you see one up for grabs, go see it immediately with cash in hand for first and last months' rent.  Find out at which newsstand the local paper is dropped off first and hang out there on the weekly delivery day , grab the first copy from the pile and start making calls.  We're not kidding about this, it's TOUGH to get an apartment!
  2. Getting a room in an apartment is easier, but still tough.  Follow the search tips above, and you'll likely have greater success.  Often, people with leases lose their roommates, and a room (or a shared room) will open up.

If, like many, you are counting on a job with staff accommodation, make sure you ask about what you get.  Accommodations vary in many ways,  some will have kitchens, some won't, some will have two people per room but will have a bathroom shared by a dozen, some will be very nice apartments but with very restrictive (or non-existent) visiting hours and/or an invasive security presence looking for those boyfriends that were snuck in.  Some have zero-tolerance for visitors/recreational drugs/smoking, so be prepared to lose your home, and your job, if you don't live within the rules.  Make sure you know the rules and the quality of accommodation before you decide on your employer; if you'll be happy with your home you'll be a lot happier with your work and, in the long run, your entire Banff experience.