HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre (Banff, Lake Louise)

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HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre
203 Village Road
Lake Louise, Alberta T0L1E0

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Bill welcomes locals, travellers and guests

Our in house café is named after one of this areas earliest and most respected mountain guides, Bill Peyto. Bill began guiding in 1893 and became a park warden in 1913. Like a true mountain man, there has been many stories regarding his character passed down. One of the more famous tales of Bills sideline career as a Live Trapper for the Banff Park Zoo. After catching a Lynx, Bill packed it up, strapped it to his back and headed into town. A little thirsty after a hot day in the backcountry, he stopped by the nearest "watering hole" at a busy Banff hotel. Not one for company, Peyto is said to have released his captive Lynx into the bar. Not surprisingly the place emptied, leaving Peyto alone. He enjoyed his drink and packed the Lynx up on his back and continued on to present it to Norman Samson the operator of the Banff Park Museum, who paid the princely sum of $25 for the animal.

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